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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hello neglected blog

Here's why I don't blog on you:

1. I'd rather pin stuff on Pinterest

2. I would prefer leave the writing up to those who really, like, studied it and junk.

3. I'd rather eat ice cream and watch TV.

4. I am more busy with cleaning up threads/embroidery floss and rogue Cheerioes off of my floor.

5. Very few read it. (thanks to those that do!)

6. I've pissed some people off with this one. I think.

7. I'd rather seach various themes and create folders on my computer of references of pretty things for my husband to reinterpret and draw his style for me to have tattooed. Want to read about what I had a year or so ago, see here.

8. I'd rather cut my bangs.

9. I'd rather paint my nails, including taping them off with scotch tape and using more than one color like I learned how to here.

10. I'd rather make secret presents, like stuffed owls, for my kids to trade their rot-your-teeth-out and/or kill you-because-it-contains-peanuts-Halloween-candy-for.

11. I'd rather stalk the neighbor's bulldog puppy when it's in the yard smiling at it without cease.

12. I'd rather volunteer at school. Love those darn kids.

13. I'd rather snuggle up to my husband in bed. Let's leave it at that. eh em....

Have a Positively Peachy Day. I'll write again when the husband is meal planning and I am awaiting some TV/DVR dumping aside him.


Margo Tinnin said...

I've actually been secretly following you on Blogger. There may be more of us! Feel free to follow my own neglected blog. I promise, when I do update it, it's usually something really good!

Jen said...

Thanks for following! I should have added onto my list 14. Because I don't have time to read others' blogs :C...I think I may need to do some re-prioritizing perhaps (pinterest is like a drug addiciton) that lotus flower hair clip is adorable! I may have to try that:) Thanks for reading.

niya vids said...

I agree with you...she should continue to make posts