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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Denny's and the "New" Facebook, a comparison of sorts.

Age 19-21 I spent a lot of time at Denny's. To be exact the Denny's in Lancaster on the corner of Columbia Ave. & Rt 741. I also spent a hell of a lot of money there, with which I could be completely covered in tattoos with if I hadn't, but what's done is done.  A Slew of us spent tons of hours there. We smoked a billion cigarettes, (cue Screeching Weasel) drank endless cups of coffee and ate terrible microwaved "nachos" and super greasy cheese fries. Simply horrible food. OH! Except for my own concoction of half strawberry half chocolate shake. Those were tasty.
nice 'grunge' era eyebrows ma soeur. smoking.

Most importantly, we socialized. I met long time boyfriends there. I met great souls there. I cried there. I laughed there. I probably freaking slept there at some point. My sister even worked there and I vividly remembering bunkering down there during a freaking snowstorm.
I met each one of these there. One was that boyfriend.

I am sure this sounds just lovely, and to you young folk you wonder why I didn't frequent any of the cool coffee shops in Lancaster. I'll tell you, because, back in the olden days of the grungy 90's THERE WERE NONE. I often hated myself for smelling like the greasy fumes of Denny's. (So I'd smoke more Marlboro Mentol Lights to cover it up). I remember at times I would tell myself "I am staying home tonight. I will not go to Denny's" I thought to myself  I'll go to bed, get up early, be productive tomorrow" Then 10:30/11:00pm would roll around and I'd grab my 1979 Plymotuh Volare keyes and drive there anyway.
sometimes we weren't at Denny's like when I was teaching this one how to drive.

I mean, Hello! I didn't want to miss anything.

Eventually, my addiction, my need, my worry of what I'd miss must have diminished. I don't know how it exactly happened...(maybe when I got an apartment & turned 21 ...) we just gradually stopped going there. Now I look back on it somewhat reservedly, embarrassingly, fondly. I am happy to have spent some fun times there, met some great people.

When the most recent Facebook changes happened, my irritation about the changes led my brain ask itself. Why AM I checking my facebook time and time again throughout the day? This quickly reminded of my need to have a daily 'check in' at Denny's on Columbia Ave when I was 20-ish. Facebook is so similar for me. I say to myself "screw this [facebook], I don't have time to figure out all of this" time and time again when they make their changes. Then I do figure it out and adapt. Why? partly because of  my business. It is an excellent way to let "likers" of my hair stuff know what is going on, what's new, what shows I am doing. It also brings me new music that coming out, shows I can go SEE, and, of course you can sorta stalk out all your 'friends'. Much like those days at Denny's. Mostly it's just some stupid worry I am going to freaking miss something. I mean lets be honest. I am happy to have reconnected with a number of the 221 friends I have on Facebook. That said, I am sure you must agree that a big part of that number we all could care less about. Possibly a few more I should care less about. I mean most of us long for the freedom of being unplugged, so why the heck don't we? I mean, really. I have slowly been bored with facebook for a time now, I have been on twitter, admittedly, but I find it's less 'connected', thus less addictive for me than the books of the faces.

So Jennifer Kenderdine Hartman will still be ON facebook. Maybe just not as much. So if you really are my friend, if I am in your not published "friends" list part of your friends list that you do give two craps about, then email me, or call don't call me, text. I hate talking on the phone. And in turn I promise to stop cramming your news feed or whatever the hell it is called now with endless food, beer & movie watching statuses, along with weather related bitching statuses galore.

Sound good?
Well Good then. Have a happy unplugged evening. Oh, just after you see this blog post automatically get tweeted & facebooked.


Jupiter J said...

That was beautiful.

The C&C (calm&collective) blog said...
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The C&C (calm&collective) blog said...

I remember that feeling twisting and turning in my bed that I may be missing something. May a reunion of sorts is necessary in the near future.

Jen said...

Thanks so much for the comments guys. a reunion perhaps:)

Alicia said...

Great post Jen! I can totally relate.