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Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Product

New Design Clip/Headband combo

My most recent headband order included a few new skus. I was super excited to see some new colors and shapes to work into my hair jewelry designs.
behind ear, this style curves outward.

That said, one headband sku was not what I was expecting. I was not going to be 100% satisfied with the outcome sewing my designs ONTO this headband
Fabric Covered with satin trim for grip inside

so I decided to create a new product. It's something I've tossed around in my head before, but I thought needing to use these very nice, sturdy neutral shade headbands was imperative. I created a Clip-Headband Combo product.
new Clip/Headband Combo design

So, if you are on the fence about whether you should get a clip or headband you'll like to try one of these! The new product comes with one of my One of a Kind Hair Clip Fascinators that can be worn alone.
Clip, propped against coordinating Headband wear with or without Band
Bird Clip that can be attached to brown coordinating headband
 You can also attach the clip to an included coordinating headband (that I choose).
Clip attached to headband

 The headband is Goody Brand, fabric covered and has a textured trim on the underside for a comfortable grip to your hair.
No slip satin trim on underside of headband
exterior fabric covering of headband

This headband fits a bit more snugly than my usual shoestring covered Goody bands. Prior to creating this as a product I wore one of these all day and to work with a clip attached. I was pleased enough to go ahead with this product.

Keep your eyes open for these newbies to be listed in my etsy shop soon. Have a Peachy October Day!
New Design Clip/Headband combo

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