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Monday, November 1, 2010

Stuffed Animal Storage-Tutorial

My Children Adore Plush Toys. They have A. LOT. OF. STUFFED. ANIMALS. They loved playing with them so I can't complain too much. At times the huge bins full of them drive me nuts. They take up huge amounts of floor space! I am not really a huge fan of those nets you can buy for the ceiling. I mean, honestly what kid can reach that? what is the point really? If we are storing plush by lining our ceilings they really should be out of our homes, right?

In my oldest daughter's room my husband came up with the idea of fashioning a hammock to tie off the end of her loft bed. Did I tell you I am married to an organizational genius? yep. He's amazing, he's also a good cook, an kick ass happy he's my wonderful Hubby.

You can add one of these to a regular bed, just needs to be one with a foot board.

I decided to whip up this hammock today. And I did in literally 10 minutes. here's How I did it:

you'll need:
  • 1 Throw blanket
  • 6 pieces of gross grain ribbon cut so you have enough to tie around the end of your bed rails. I used 10" pieces.
  • thread
  • bed with foot board
  1. burn the edges of your ribbon so they do not fray.
  2. fold ribbon in half and sew one piece to each corner of the blanket
  3. use the last two pieces of ribbon in the center of each long side of your blanket.
  4. Tie hammock to your bed and fill.
  5. Easy & now that huge bin is off the floor! 
disclaimer/update: First words out of youngest child's mouth when she saw this: "It would be cool if I could get in here!!" Just a note of caution, do explain the importance that this hammock is for STUFFED ANIMALS only!


    marlene said...

    Great Idea for stuffed things! there is so many stuffed things today.

    Violet Marbles said...

    I seriously love you for this. I was in the process of picking up a dozen or more stuffies from the toy room floor and decided to find a quick solution that didn't involve a lot of cutting and sewing. You are BRILLIANT. Now I have a use for the over-abundance of fleece blankets/throws we have lying around too!

    Jen said...

    Happy to help!! So glad you can use the idea:)

    Amanda said...

    Thanks for the idea... I did this with one of those tie blankets.... and I tied the edges together so stuff wouldn't fall out the sides as well. Then I just tied it to the bed... no sewing!

    Heather said...

    I don't understand where you put pieces 5 and 6 of ribbon. I'm confused. Help!?