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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Positive Moments 11-6-2010 Plush Shopping

Today I was compiling my daughter's Christmas lists. My daughters adore plush toys. They accumulate quickly in my house that was clear when I posted this organizational tool for storing them.

Alas, they love them, so, for Christmas they certainly wish for more of the fuzzy creatures. I have to admit looking through pages of plush on Etsy with my ladies was super fun. Here were some our favorites:

This bright furry guy by The Jae Bird, a fellow Pennsylvanian crafter.
Duncan the Plush Horned Monster

This by Mutant Caterpillar made the girls squeal with delight
Johannistachel Caterpillar
To play tribute to one of my new Favorite TV shows, The Walking Dead This green Zombie by Saint Angel Productions could live in my home WAY beyond Halloween time
I recently had a very positive shopping experience with Scrumptious Delight
I purchased what honestly is the most adorable stuffed animal I have EVER seen in. my. life. 
It is for my niece's upcoming birthday Cannot wait for her to open it!
Mini Marshmallow Plush

I have given these monsters as gifts in the past. My girls each have one as well...
Chasing My Star is a great Etsian, awesome plush monsters!
Custom Snuggle Monster
My husband and I both thought Love & A Sandwich was super cool. this guy made Keith laugh aloud.
Newborn Monster
Both of my girls have been in love with this furry bunny by Zygopsyche for some time.
Fuchsia the Hot Pink Bunny
Lastly, Happycloud Thunderhead  illustrates far from scary characters & monsters
bringing them to life for a snuggle with a sewing machine. 
They have also found a creative way to make them into hats and ear warmers! 
Be sure to check out their Etsy shop This season! Here is their blog as well.
Happycloud Thunderhead Monsters
I hope you enjoyed taking a look at some wonderful plush shops on Etsy. Christmas is a just a blink or two away...maybe some of these finds can help you make some lists or fill some stockings!

I wish you many positive Moments of snuggling 
and smiling my Friend, Take good Care.


Stratoz said...

the second one looks like one of my stained glass doodles :') maybe I should soften my craft. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I think most of these are my favourite shops on etsy too! Awesome blog x

Jen said...

thank you both for commenting! that caterpillar does look like stained glass if I squint;) Tiny Oyster-love your little plushies!!