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Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 Years of Married

This post was not planned. I just felt like writing about my anniversary, my husband, my marriage, my life today.

This day 10 years ago I married a wonderful guy. He's sensitive, caring, loving, funny, bold, handsome, creative, inspiring and on and on...At this time 10 years ago I was completely worried about the rain that was coming out of the gray skies, onto the pretty white chairs lined up for our upcoming afternoon ceremony.  The guys helped to dry chairs off before people arrived to watch us vow publicly what we knew long ago.

Ten years flew by faster than any cell in my body ever could have imagined. I love sharing the whirlwind speedy life with my partner, my fairy tale prince, my friend. We have a good life, we fit each other rather perfectly. We have are easy with each other. I guess we accidentally found this ease to work nicely these ten years. Well, and to be honest for the years before those too.
It stopped raining for the ceremony. Those rainy, gray morning skies turned out to be a blessing of bright white light for the photographer. We said our words to each other, holding back tears of joy.
side note: That is one huge regret I have about the wedding. I should have just cried! I am rather and expert at swallowing back and holding down tears and bawls. In my defense, I was doing what came easiest. BUT! I should have let them fall that day, it would have been perfectly fine and less odd-looking on the video. I was repeatedly swallowing and blinking like a wacko...I guess it's something to laugh about now.

 What have I learned in a 10 year marriage? what has the easiness taught me? Inadvertently, it has instructed me to take care...even the smoothest of relationships require careful attention to detail. This partnership still requires special isolated moments. Dedicated smiley moments, thoughts, words, actions to remind one another what got us to this easy place.
I think we do a pretty nice job keeping up with finding those snippets of this fast paced life. We stop and look into each other's eyes and silently remind one another how we adore sharing it with a person like them.

I took some moments yesterday to compile all the images I could find of Keith and I together over the past 10 years. I added our "first dance" song from our Wedding reception. I thought I'd share it with you today. The song is rather fitting if I do say so myself.


Blackjaw said...

I love you Jen Hartman. Happy 10th Anniversary.

Stratoz said...

love the final image of the two of you foreheads touching and so filled with joy