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Friday, October 1, 2010

Positive Moments 9-30-10

September has been a whirlwind of crazy in my household. Many birthdays, sicknesses, our anniversary, start of school. Getting into a groove schedule-wise has been challenging. Fitting in my Positive moments blog posts have suffered miserably. I had to share this one from yesterday though.

Ellen Red Silk Halter Bra by Hopeless on Etsy

Ruby and I are sitting in the doctor's office awaiting her exam. I won't go into those details, she's fine, healthy and was sent back to school the same day. So we are waiting for the doctor Ruby asks me "When will I start to grow boobs?" I respond (skirting the issue) "the whole process takes a long time". She responds

"Oh, it must be taking you a long time because yours are so small" 

I reply with a smile. She continues "Some people's boobs are so big they stick out of their bathing suit!" (she is making hand motions to her chest) I explain the term "cleavage", (realizing it would have been more appropriate to just explain in more detail when her breasts would develop.) She says "so cleavage is a bad thing?" I respond with a shrug and say that some like it some don't. Mostly the fact that my 7 year old notices the difference between my tiny boobs and the majority is what was a positive moment. She did go on to say she hopes she has small "boobs", yea, um, her chances are good on getting that wish! The doctor's office chat made me chuckle. I am glad she is comfortable asking such questions and the fact that this came up at age 7 makes me feel confident she'll feel free to ask more later...despite my glazing over the answers sugarly.

Listen, I am not afraid to share with her or the world that I can shop for bras in the girls department. I do, they are WAY cheaper ($8) and fit me. Victoria's Secret... NOPE! Not for my small boobs! But I do believe Hopeless's Etsy shop could work. Ages ago I discovered this shop thanks to Tara, through Scoutie Girl's blog. What superb attention to detail. Just beautiful. and p.s. No bulging cleavage.

So enjoy this post that was kinda silly and fun, I promise to share more positive moments as I have the time. as always,
I wish you many positive moments my friend.
Take good care.

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Miss Val's Creations said...

How cute! Little girls are so funny! I'm sure many other, more serious questions will be coming up soon!!! Good luck.