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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Take A Positive Moment

Today kinda sucked. I heard some information that was beyond what just about anyone would consider troubling. It evoked extreme anger, anxiety, sadness. The Gamut. No, I am not going to fill you in on these details. That is exactly NOT what this post is about. I am not looking for bad day sympathy.

I was in my bathroom getting ready for work and In the midst of all these emotions a moment pops in my head. Ava chasing a little yellow butterfly. This moment happened this morning, before said information was delivered. It made me smile then, and it did again. AND it made some of those negative emotions melt away for some moments.

Rewind. When Ruby was a baby each night before I went to sleep I wrote down my most favorite moment of that day. Darnit, no, I did not continue this. oof. I did start it up again once she was verbal, I'd ask her what her favorite part of the day had been. Uggity ugg No I did not continue that daily either. I do ask the girls on some days, or nights. Not daily. But it's something. But I am not looking for parental validation either, I swear.

I decided when the chasing butterfly moment made my crappy afternoon a little more sane that I  should make a shrine to it here. Each Day I will hold a moment close and try to find a handmade item to go along with the moment for all the world to see. It's going to be a quick post, but it will be another way to keep myself accountable, see yesterdays post for more on that. I think spending a little time each day building this sweet moments shrine here on my blog could only be only a good thing.

This pretty little vase by Red Hot Pottery reminds me of my little lady happily chasing that tiny yellow butterfly today.

I wish you many positive moments my friend. take good care.


Blackjaw said...

I like this idea. You should definitely do it, that way you can cancel out part of my negativity.

Stratoz said...

life is like that, it is good to look back at the day and remember the good and bad. and careful with that iron.