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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Accountability & still Needing to Collage...

A long Time ago I blogged about needing to Collage.

I think about this fact almost everyday. A few weeks ago on vacation I decided I also want to paint in my collage work. When I see collage work I did in the past, there was an emptiness that bothered me. Perhaps paint is what it needs? I don't really know, but I think it would be great messy fun.

Now that our basement is beginning to look less like an episode of Hoarders
and more like a 130(ish) year old house cellar I think I could probably paint down there.

I have these windows. I hoarded these about 10 years ago, when we were replacing them with vinyl windows. I love the idea of collaging/painting on one of these old things.
The window idea was inspired by a post by A Girl and Her Brush . Wendy Brightbill is A mixed media artist who I met online through Tara Gentile's Ebook 52 Weeks of Blogging your Passion. I adore Wendy's collage work.

This door, is AHHmazing! Be sure to read here to see
the steps she used to make this beautiful piece.

Why do I announce again that I need to collage but have not yet begun to on my blog?

I'll tell you, The fact I blogged about feeling a strong need to collage is one reason I think about it all the time. I know it's out there, publicly. I think about how someone may have read it and thinks "I bet she never follows through" It's here, and it helps me keep myself accountable even if no one minds at all. If it wasn't here most likely I'd have excused my way out of it long ago.

We all come up with excuses why we "can't" do things. Excuses are easy. I won't give you any of those here (besides that former hoarders-esque basement). Honestly, I am disappointed in myself for not getting my butt moving on this. Maybe with this post I will kick my own butt.

Is there something whispering in the back of your head everyday? What would you rather be doing? I'd love to hear if you have the drive to type it in the comments. Or, if you'd like to kick me in the butt that's okay too.


sjchunko said...

Those old windows can make really cute picture frames with some cute photos of your girls...

Wendy Brightbill said...

that would be so fun jen... i can't wait to see what you do with one of those windows. don't worry, i will help keep you accountable. :) thanks for highlighting my door!!! trust me, you are going to have sooooo much fun.

Jen said...

thank you for commenting ladies:) Wendy, my husband is an artist, he used to paint, and everything was very realistic meticulous. I was telling him about how I want to use decoupage to stick the canvas to the window, raw edge showing, and some glass showing. He was totally cringing. It makes me laugh though, and him a little too;) I am excited to start SOON!