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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Take a Positive Moment-2

I'm going to tell you right off the bat here. If I do this everyday, No way is each day going to be all deep and meaningful. Today's moment that stuck with me is more of a tip to pass on. I am in my bathroom (Dear God is this where every thought happens for me?) I am wearing a top with three rows of ruffles. they are Totally wrinkled. Like, too wrinkled to wear it this way, sticking straight out not laying flat At. All.

Crap!. No time for going downstairs, opening ironing board, removing shirt, (remember to bring other shirt since next door neighbor can see right in the laundry room window) iron ruffles. put all this stuff away. Nope. Not happening. change shirt?

Lightbulb! My flat iron is seated on the toilet seat quickly warming up (for my bangs only, no time to smooth the rest of my messy hair in the summer humidity)
Yep I flat ironed those ruffles just right while wearing the shirt. easy peasy*

So, Ruffles, they made me happy today, and they got to stay on me keeping me happy lying the way they should due to my ingenious (lazy) double duty flat ironing.

There are some beautiful Ruffles attached to this dress 
I'd, like, die for this custom sized hot number by Miss Brache

*I am not responsible if you do not follow manufacturers instructions that came with your flat iron & an injury is to occur

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