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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Positive Moments 8-31-10

Todays Moment happened this morning. My niece, Charlotte was over for a bit. She is all about dancing. And she is darn good at it. She gooves to music of all kinds. I love watching her draw at my little table  bobbing her body, marker in hand, to the Stray Cats. I also love when I dance with her she smiles with her whole being. My family sees my "dancing" like everyday, so they just eyeroll me. It's nice to have someone appreciate my dance skills (think Elaine -Seinfeld) So, to build up this moment I chose this art piece by Transit Design on Etsy. There are happy folks dancing in this Original Giclee Collage on Stretched Canvas.

I wish you many positive moments my friend. take good care.

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