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Monday, August 30, 2010

Positive Moment 8-30-10

Today's Positive moment occurred at the Library. My girls and I have gone every week this summer. Ruby has adored the American Girl series the most this summer and they have taught her so much History, which is a HUGE bonus! Ava has been squealing with delight when she finds a new Seek and Find book. She adores the really difficult ones that even Daddy has trouble finding some items! Today was the last time we'll all go to the library together most likely til next summer. This may not sound all that positive...darnit Jen always a negative Nellie aren't you? Seriously though I love that my kids have adopted a love for reading. Keith and I made a point starting when they were weeks old to read to them twice a day. After lunchtime, at what used to be before nap years ago. Again before bed. Now Ruby continues to read her books before hitting the sack each night for a half an hour. We can even bargain that time with her if she is acting particularly "sassy" She does NOT want to lose that time.

So to commemorate this love of trips to the library and daily reading times I chose these some great bookmarks First is Passion Bookmark by Knitty Bitty

  I also wanted to find some great fabric/magnetic bookmarks, which happen to be Ruby's Favorite. These Fabric Bookmarks by Boni Studio on Etsy are wonderful!

I wish you many positive moments my friend. take good care.

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