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Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Need to Collage

Let Go
Originally uploaded by Torann
A Long Time Ago in a Land Far away. Meaning in a different home, but not really far away, like, only walking distance away, but far away from my metaphoric place... I used to collage. I have always loved looking at the art form collage. I took a gander through some collages on Flickr this morning. Emotions were evoked. Everything from bliss to heartache I could feel what these artists were expressing with their 'smooshings' of stuff together into their collage.

Man, I love that.

Quite honestly I can't draw so it was a way to express...stuff, back in that faraway land, when Keith worked at night and I had the time, and the wherewithall, the loneliness, whatever you want to call it. the NEED.

In More recent years I went through some really un-explainably horrific extended family...stuff...which wound up being most healthily dealt with by amputation of a limb of my family tree. Sounds awful, I am sure but After time has passed that limb removal has been immensely positive for myself and my own sapling of a family tree. At the time this slow painful amputation was occurring I did collage to express...stuff...I didn't show anyone, and I don't even know if I could find what I did, but I want to do this again.

Not amputate anything, silly. Collage. Sure, I love to make hair accessories, and I am really liking how I am starting to find some happy takers of my upcycled clothing but Last night while I was stitching hair clips I took a look at my messy pin cushion, threads, felt bits, and I just felt this urge to collage again.
So I will.
Maybe you'll see it here.

My sincere thanks to Torann for being one inspiration to start collaging again. Love her work. her website '
her Etsy Shop


Blackjaw said...

Go forth my babe and collage till your fingertips glue themselves together. Nice post.

Amg-Arts said...

I have to say you made what was going to be another slow Monday into a happy Monday, thanks a million.

...And going to follow your blog now so I hope to see your collages too!

All the best and so happy my collages inspired you!


Jen said...

Thank you Ann. I am honored you will be following my blog, and thanks for the beautiful inspiring work.