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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gifts Of Enthusiasm

Tara, on Scoutie Girl blogged about her own enthusiasm and how the actual energy itself is a gift to others.

Man, do I agree with her! Tara has been so inspiring to me on countless occasions. (thank you darling!)

What am I enthusiastic about? What do I light up and go nutso about? What is it that makes me get all childishly happy and giddy to talk to people about making sparks fly off my skull? Lots of stuff, but today I'll touch on one subject.


oh, yes, how utterly shallow of me...but, I'm being honest here, you gotta be happy about some superficial stuff right? I sure do.

I will notice if you get your haircut, even a little.
If you change the color a smidge, I'll see it.
If you plan to change it a lot I will revel in anticipation awaiting the final result. I will look up pictures for you and tell you my opinion of what you should do.
I can spend way too long in the hair dye isle of CVS.
I currently house purple, three shades of red, and pink funky hair dyes as well as bleach in my linen closet.
I cut my little ladies hair. I cut my husbands hair, sometimes. I trim my own bangs every other week.

haircut and haircolor jezz

photo courtesy of Whip-Hairport photostream on Flickr

hey, did you know I have a business selling Hair accessories? imagine that! I may be on the right track so far as following my passions. I have considered being a cosmetologist, but, I'll just keep the hair trimming scissors here at home ...hey do you need your bangs trimmed? I do that!
Do you want me to find you a neato style that will fit your facial features and brighten you up? I'll happily do that!

Thanks for reading, and have an enthusiastic Day everyone,
AND...Share it with the world!

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Anonymous said...

loved this post jen... you made me smile. thanks for your gift of enthusiasm! i even loved your segway into, did you know that i make hair accessories? why of course you do, that would only make sense.