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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fairy Tales and Shadow Boxes

Hey, just wanted to say, I am a hopeless romantic. 110%.
I believe in fairytale endings and if they don't happen I am sad/pissed/disgruntled.

My husband, Keith and I were a "fix up" couple. I was hesitant to meet him, this was certainly not how I pictured a fairy tale to play out.

He was enamoured with me months before, but I was 'taken' at the time. I was sitting in a basement at a punk rock show, his brother's first show actually. I had a grumpy look on my face. I had fought with my, then, live in boyfriend the whole way to this show, who knows about what? doesn't matter, we always fought. Keith was apparently staring at me the whole time. I didn't know it.

Fast forward 5 months. Live in beau & I are split. I live alone, paying rent with my credit card. I am SO over men & relationships. I am giving up on fairy tales. I vow to just be alone, and am liking it! (despite not being able to pay my bills appropriately). I just did not want to meet him.

Begrudgingly, I decided to go ahead and meet Keith. He greeted me with a black eye and a brown UPS tee. He looked right in my eyes a few times lending pure electric. He said goodbye with a hug... and I was a goner.

From there we got to know one another through a long distance relationship. For a year we wrote (real paper snail mail) letters and had a nice long phone conversation once a week. This was LONG before email and cell phones. I adored the letters. I looked forward to the phone talks. One of us would travel the 4 hours to visit one another every other week. After a year of bliss, we moved in together in the outskirts of Pittsburgh. In another year we moved back "home" to Lancaster County together.

I could go through our history in more detail, but just know this:
I still believe in fairy tales. We have evolved ours to not have a happy ending but a happy eternity.

On our first wedding anniversary we put together a shadow box. The box, from Ikea. Inside are flowers from my wedding bouquet, A wedding program & invitation. A few photos of us on our Wedding day. A pack of matches with one of the phrases we used in our vows "this day i will marry my friend" It was given to us from a close friend, and Usher in the wedding. We did this as part of our one year anniversary "date". We also ate our cake top with was still really friggin' good!!

Since filling the interior of the Shadow box I have added various things on top. The candle was the first gift Keith ever gave me. The change purse, from our Honeymoon in Vegas. The cork from our 9th anniversary dinner. The card, one of many Keith has made for me over the years.

So are you a romantic? I'm a sucker for a good love story!

In addition, Have no idea what to do on your anniversary? Need a special handmade gift idea? Do a shadow box. they look great hanging, you can stuff them full of meaning. And, after plucking out bits and pieces of things you are saving, you can toss the larger part and de-clutter in the process.


Blackjaw said...

Hehe. One of the few things we worked on together that we did not butt heads over. I love you completely, Jen. Fairy tale eternities do happen.

Jenny said...

Awww, Jen! First of all, how did I miss this wonderful blog post of yours?!

Secondly, it was so nice to meet you face to face today at Crafty By Nature!

My hubby and I have a love story that literally started as a fairy tale. We were both theatre majors in collage, never met but had admired each others' onstage work for years before finally meeting. We were cast in a play together. It was Sondhiem's Into The Woods. I was Cinderella and he was the Prince. The rest is history! 16 years and three kids later and it's still fun!

Glad you have a great story and a great guy too!

Jen said...

I loved that you stopped out! That's what made my day meeting everyone in real life:)

That is SUCH an awesome fairy tale story!!! I love that you shared it:)
made me smile really BIG!

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

I really loved reading this story and seeing the picture......i am married to my prince charming too.....we've been together for thirty years or something like that....!

Stratoz said...

I believe. I knew I had seen someone amazing when I first saw my wife in 1986 and told a friend that very night that I had seen an amazing woman. A few weeks later I saw her again and eventually spoke to her.

Stratoz said...

by the way... I'm "nutmegdesigns" over on twitter.

Jen said...

Stratoz-thanks for your comment! Love a good fairy tale!!

Kolika C. said...

made me smile.... awesome :)