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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Easy Trash to Treasure Project

Maybe after a week of bliss, not having to share a teeny tiny bathroom with my two toothpaste spitty kiddos...maybe because the beach house we stayed in was so plain, white and and boring, not that I am complaining, I'd take it as my home in a micro millisecond!! (and I'd paint it and hang tons of stuff up like a loonatic)...or, maybe I am just trying to keep busy to curb those "after vacation blues" (do you get those? like the after Christmas blues. ew. hate those too)

Regardless of the reasoning, I have kept our brushes and combs in this empty Clorox Wipes container for a time now. I have long been looking at it in disgust at it's white plain-ness. Today I needed to change our shower curtain liner, so I changed the shower curtain as well, (to hot pink we have multiple fabric curtains, doesn't everyone??) I then found dark purple satin leopard print curtains in the same bin the curtain was stored inside. I decided to hang These as well.

It was time for plain boring white plastic Clorox container to be adorned.
With LOTS. OF. Girlish, cutesy, frilly, mish moshy stuff.
The girls and I did it. ribbon, fabric, lace, glitter, buttons....yay!! it's perfect.

You can do this, make yourself a wand holder, pencil holder (use icing container instead) Keep the box from your spinach and make a cutesy bin for stuffs.
It's totally fun, super quick. Just get out your glue gun. You do have one, right? you should. They are the most fun of all guns. seriously.
Sorry, Keith, I know this bathroom is super DOOOOOPER girly now. We'll switch it again in a few months. I'll make a more "manly" Clorox container then. I promise.

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