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Monday, August 2, 2010

Happiness in Milestones

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Anyone with children knows some of the best happies you can get are those when:
baby first belly laughs.
I vividly remember Ruby holding out til 4 months old (almost 5) and on Father's Day Aunt Andrea made her laugh. It was such a stupendous moment. Ava's first belly laughs were around 3-4 months old, when I was holding her under her arms, making her "kick" a beach ball to Ruby. She started laughing at the first kick. It, again, was like the best happies. Insta-giggles.

When baby first walks
not just those random two steps they accidentally do, but real walking, all zombie looking bodies but wide eyed and completely ecstatic about what their wobbly little legs are doing. I remember those moments were serious Happy.
Raspberries, crawling, hugs, kisses, talking, clapping...there are lots of them. It's so amazing how absolutely positively happy you feel at these moments, when the simplest of things, really are occuring. For me, I can't remember happier moments, honestly.

As they grow up, these moments are less frequent. Of course, you feel happy, and have superior happy minutes. What I am talking about here, are those crazy happy moments, that make you laugh uncontrollably or just beam where you need to check to make sure you are not shooting sparkles out your eyes.

Well, yesterday we had one of those moments. Ruby successfully rode her bike without training wheels. She had tried before. She hadn't quite gotten the hang of it til last night. The first time she rode a distance I did not get it on video but Keith and I clapped, cheered and laughed like loonatics. It was..

So. Darn. Happy!

I am guessing this 'kick ass' style happy comes partially from pride in your child's accomplishment . It comes part from seeing how proud and beaming they are about it. Most important of all It comes from the basics, the stuff we don't need to pay for. The stuff that can be harvested from love and adoration. It's what it's all about. It's what makes My world go round.

I'd love to hear from you about one of those moments. Everyone loves reliving them since they are super duper happy. Feel free to leave your moment of super duper happy in the comments.

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Blackjaw said...

I am glad you were able to help on this bike ride attempt. If you weren't there, I think Ruby and I would have still been at square one. Thank you for being the nurturing mom that you are. I also thank you for being the supportive wife as well. It was an awesome feeling seeing her balance those 2-wheels.