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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Ease of a Cupcake Topper

Here's the thing, people always say I am creative, yadda yadda. Reality is I just rip off my sister, at least in this case. Last year for my niece Charlotte's Birthday (Charlie and Lola Theme) I made the cupcakes. My sister assembled cute cupcake toppers with scrapbooking paper, a gluegun & toothpicks.

This year the Birthday party theme is Monsters. I volunteered to make cupcakes again. At the time I volunteered I had an image of adorable frosting covered monster head cupcakes . Today I reminded myself that I am NO cake decorator. Nor do I wish I was. It stresses me out completely. I still really wanted to make the cupcakes, I love to bake. I love to make them look cute as well. I just know my limits, as any smart Mom should.

I decided a cupcake topper would be best. It would look adorable. The monster would match the party theme because my husband drew it for Charlotte's Birthday invitation.


These 40 little toppers took me less than an hour to construct. Of course the Huz took a few minutes to layout and print the monsters. But listen, basically, parents, (Aunts) this is WAY easier than making a monster head from a cupcake and is equally as cool/cute/neato.

You can use stickers on card stock, print out graphic of your choice on cardstock, have your kids draw stuff on it and cut that out in to the shape you want. The possibilities are endless.

Or if you have an awesome graphic designer as a Husband just have him draw you something up.

Here are the quick and easy instructions:

cut apart your card stock with graphic of choice. We printed it with the image upside down and right side up so it could be folded, creating a two sided topper.

Fold cut image in half.

3. Put a drop of glue at bottom middle of folded card stock.

4. Place a toothpick (I used flat wooden) in the center of glue quickly before it dries.

5. fold card stock over and press in the glue spot so it adheres.

6. They dry super fast using the glue gun. voila! adorable, affordable, stress free cupcake decoration.


mrsknitalot said...

Awesome Jenn!

mommyofcib said...

looks super cute :) Thanks Jen!!!