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Thursday, November 12, 2009

What We're Thankful For a quick lil laugh

I was asking the girls what they are thankful for today. No, not because I was striving for a Mom of the year moment or two.

We were playing My Little Ponies together. I really just ran out of things for 'Minty' (the pony I had been assigned to "talk") to do. She had taken a ride on the Ferris Wheel with Pinkie Pie, she had gotten a treat at the treat shop. She watched the birthday girl pony talk, I kinda forget.

This must have been the place where my head went to a friends "note" in facebook. Where else on a day at home with the kids? My favorite grown up communication device, Facebook. sigh. Anyway, my friend had written a note listing things she was thankful for. Given the season and all, I figured it would be fun to ask my girls what they were thankful for. Possibly a bit of learning and/or appreciation may be squeezed out in the process. Right? So...

me: Ruby, What are You thankful for?"
Ava: (chiming in out of turn) YOU!! *me smiling feeling proud*
me: Thank you Ava, but can you wait your turn next time please?
Ruby: You and Daddy...and my toys...and the TOILET!!
me: I am thankful for toilet paper

There was more beyond this, but the funny part was the potty stuff. Probably all you really want to read, if that!

I am thankful for these little kiddos. They make me laugh, smile, scream, frustrated, elated...and on and on. I am quite thankful for my beautiful little girls.

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