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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Easy craft with the kiddos that lasts and lasts (in our house)

My girls love crafting. A trip to the craft store with either of them is not unlike a trip to a toy store. They want it all.

Many crafts that kids can do easily without tears, and parental irritation at ages 5 & 6 are, how do I put this politely... well junky. Foamy magnets, frames “ornaments”. Beaded necklaces that, sure they are cute, but unless you truly dominate the fun and crush all creativity of this craft they aren't going to be giving these jewelry creations away as gifts to anyone but, say, Grandma.

I hate dominating the fun, the creative part of it. You know, like in school when the preschool teacher tells them use your RED crayon to color the apples, the GREEN for the leaves and BROWN for the tree trunk. Eh, that makes me wrinkle my nose. I understand in school it has to be that way, at least in the school I can afford to send my kids to, but at home, I try and let them loose in the creativity department.

Here is an easy, cheap and pretty stress free craft to do with your kiddos. And the craft constructed lasts a time, at least in our house they do. You may not want to give them away as gifts. We did make 'signature' puff ball creatures and placed them in Ruby's Birthday party treat bags one time, but for the most part this is just a craft that has a bit more use than most easy crafts in our house.

Puff ball animals

Ruby and Ava have bins full of them and play with them frequently. They “design” the animals from various sizes and colors of puff balls purchased at the craft store, googly eyes, also from any craft store. I glue gun them together. They dry super fast and voila. A toy. A craft. A bin full of fuzzy colorful creatures to love.

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Blackjaw said...

It is amazing and touching how upset they get when one of the puffball creatures unravels or falls apart. Although, it is not so touching when they demand a repair while you are trying to cook dinner, do the dishes, read something from school or some kind of home repair. Patience is something a 6 and 5 year old just can't seem to grasp.