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Friday, December 23, 2011

What it's All About...and a Merry Christmas Eve Eve to Every-ONE.

First off, I love calling the day before the day before Christmas, Christmas Eve Eve. My husband does NOT like it. Mr. Grumpy pants says it's dumb. Over the years it has become annoyingly cute of me to abuse it's use. At least that's what I tell myself. (sticking tongue out)

Today the husband had off work so I got to smear the Eve Eve business all over his face, all day long. And he helped me out since I needed to do a hugemongo grocery shopping trip and forgot since the kids are off school I need to watch the neighbor boy too. I can't handle boys in the grocery store. Well, I never tried it, actually, but I picture it like my girls at the grocery store, but even worse, so, I just say I couldn't. So Husband took them all to the Asian Market down town and I Grocery Shopped  Forrey's Country Store and Giant.

So after the girls had asked us a tozillion times (yes I just made that word up, tons+zillions) and the neighbor boy was picked up we allowed them to pick ONE present from Mommy & Daddy to open. That choosing process to WAY way waaaaaaay longer than we expected. Now that they are older and smarter so much thought goes into the early present opening choice.
not all those were theirs to choose from, some are for my niece;) look how excited they are....
us relaxing a bit while we wait. and. wait. for them to make the choice
So they chose. Ruby chose to open what wound up being a present I had purchased back in July! It's a book, with step by step instructions for fashion design drawing. And the coolest part is that the book was written and illustrated by a PA artist! Fashion  Design Workshop by Stephanie Corfee can be found on Amazon. It is such a cool, cool book! Ruby was absolutely thrilled with it. She said "This is EXACTLY what I wanted!" Isn't that what every parent loves to hear? I am sure every parent would agree watching your kiddos open their presents and seeing that wonder in their eye is totally the best part...which leads me to Ava...

She chose to open a similar sized box as Ruby. Inside was a Cupcake shaped activity & sticker book. I had actually purchased it for my niece, but Ava fell so hard in love with it that I switched some book gifts around and surprised her with it instead. It turns out that just last week she was crying in Target (don't we all love being that parent at Target?) because she wanted to buy the book but we wouldn't allow her to spend her money on it before Christmas. We exited the store when those tears and cries began. She grumped the whole way home. Now look at her!....lil stinker....(p.s. I had already decided to give it to her pre-tears at Target, it was even wrapped prior to that occurring)

She was completely elated.
So there you have it, what it's all about... giving that special gift that was well thought out and so fondly received. Ruby (now, 3 hours later) is still talking about, drawing using, and reading her new book. She sits aside me now with it as I type. And both of them, were near silent with their new books while I made dinner -sans interruption- tonight. Christmas Bonus for Momma!

So, Have a Merry Christmas Eve Eve (night...)
And a Happy Christmas EVE (tomorrow)

And a Happy Holiday all the way Around!

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