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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Peachy Tuesday---On TOUR!!!

Ok, so this morning I was chatting it up with my lil sister whom I love dearly. She was laughing at me though, at my newest clever professional endeavor, and I was like oh you think this is funny huh? well lets see what the world thinks. As if anyone will read this...

preface is this: I have an ongoing joke with my husband and sister that I should start a blog called "Jen's Job-a-da-week" because I honestly and truly think of a new career path that I'd love a few times a week.  Please know that being a writer is NOT one of them. I have had a bazillion different ideas, anything from mechanic to baker...from plumber to boutique owner. Before/Afterschool care center to Air Traffic controller. I am all over the place. seriously. I do work now, part time, I also volunteer at my girl's school in Kindergarten and First Grades 3 times a week. And of course I own Peachy Tuesday by J Hartman.

I had texted my husband last evening when an idea popped in my head.

Now, please know that we do not fear him losing his job any more than 99% of this country does. I mean, pretty much every middle classman worries about this daily, right? If not, you should start. It makes for excellent brainstorming.

Yea, so I pictured this
so shiny, so fun....
pulled by...well, I guess I'd have to trade in my Civic...we'd get the details ironed out later. Basically I was thinking we could be like Hair Accessory selling rock stars. Traveling from state to state setting up craft shows everywhere and anywhere to make our dough. I am sure this has stemmed from my recent "on again" relationship with twitter. Since I follow a number of bands, some currently on tour. Said bands tweet about their touring travels and fun, I think to myself, "man! I'd like to do that too!" (mid-life crisis perhaps?)

Of course this (for us) is ideological. Anyone who knows me, knows I  DO NOT CAMP. ever. this pretty silver wheeled home would be much like camping... for life. I try and block that part out in my dreamy lil brains. Also, Keith's brewing...I am sure there is some way to work that in....details. pfft.

It's a BACKUP PLAN folks! just get on board with the fun part of it okay!? sheesh.

The fun parts:
  1. staying out of cold places in winter (complete snow avoidance)
  2. seeing the country (many beachy places)
  3. getting Peachy all over the place
  4. sorta almost being "off grid" not really-- a requirement would be internet...excellent kickass cell plan that could get us online almost anyplace.
  5.  less house to clean
  6. less 'stuff" to keep track of, you know, getting all Buddhist and stuff...

Ok I wish I had not begun typing the 'fun' list because it started my glass half empty head thinking of all the crappy stuff. small bathroom. no dishwasher. no washer and dryer. having to home school my smarty pants kids. (maybe Keith could....)Missing my friends and family. Probably eating really poorly and feeling like shit most of the time due to it. Not having enough room indoors to do yoga.

looks cute & cool but is that laundry hanging on a line?! uh oh, didn't consider that...

And this, my friends is how each job-of-the-week normally goes...well, close to this anyhow. I find a way to "negatize" each idea and then in a few days, or a week, onto the next!

Meanwhile I am just happy doing what I am doing. I am grateful to be able to help at school. It's some of the most rewarding work I've done in my lifetime. I adore making people smile about my hair doo dads, Thank you SO much Deb at My Aunt Debbie , Melissa at Sweet Melissa's Dream , Adrienne at Sunshine Corner and Jen at State of the Art Framing and Gallery for helping to support PT over the years. Thanks to Handmade in PA and all it's team members for the support too! (I bet some of them like the airstream I love being able to brainstorm these wild ideas all over the place with my sister and have her laugh about them, and Keith too. (It's still a back up plan people just FYI!)

So there. What do you think? Are you a crafty sort that'd like to take it on tour? Are you a musician that does go on tour? (lucky f*&$...) Are you my husband that I love so dearly and really truly did feel like an meany bitch for not thinking how the craft brewing could continue to happen in an airstream...honestly I'd never take us on tour for life unless we'd have that worked out first my love.

Have a Peachy Day! Thanks for reading.


Mauby said...

That was really funny. I definitely think you should post your weekly job ideas along with the pros and cons! ;)

Blackjaw said...

Portable brewing is possible, just not ideal. What is ideal is spending time on the road with my favorite 3 ladies. Hehe...gypsies. Gross.

Jen said...

Thanks to you both for commenting! I have begun a list of the many job titles I've toyed with in my head it could be quite a therapeutic experience writing about them even if in a comedic way. Stay tuned;)

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Love it!

I have been dreaming of the same "romantic" notion. Just sell everything and follow the sun and warm temperatures in an RV :-)

As for a wonderlust of job possibilities, Tara has called me a "serial entrepreneur" LOL

Hope you have a Merry Holiday!

Jen said...

Thanks for commenting Rosie! It is nice to hear I am not the only one with a multitude of job "wanders" in my mind;) and the warm...wasn't it awesome today!? maybe it wasn't as warm for you...