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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Positive Moments 2-2-2011

Wow it's been a long time since I've posted a positive moment. I thought to counter balance yesterday's kinda not super positive post I'd do one today.

Santa Claus brought my girls American Girl Dolls this Christmas. Since I have been on a mission to outfit them with a wicked cool wardrobe.I came across this site, Liberty Jane,  when I searched for a tights pattern and was 100% impressed with the utter rad-ness of every outfit, the concept, how they give back,  the prices, everything. Makes me want to be a doll fashion designer kinda. Not really, I have found it tedious to sew for these little "girls" actually, I still do it, but not jumping onto the designer wagon just yet I'll use these patterns instead.

On their website Founder, Cinnamon Miles Says:

"We are not concerned about high volume or manufacturing in China, we’re focused on an intense level of detail, high quality fabrics, and designs that are bold and trendy. My goal is to translate contemporary fashion hits into the 18 inch doll market for collectors and young girls who are excited by today’s fashions"

I love sharing the enthusiasm with my girls when it comes to these dolls they are taking such good care of. It's fun for all of us, and by all means a positive moment. And this company, is also the kindof positive that makes moments like these happen easier.

I wish you many positive moments my friend, 
Take Good Care.

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Amg-Arts said...

These dolls are better dressed than me :P