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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

10-20-10 Positive Moments

 Wow it's been too long since I have made attempts to blog a moment ala positivity.

Bloggest Apologies.

Positive. I have been all kinds of positive lately! I enjoy three times a week volunteering at my daughters' school. I am loving helping the teachers and getting to know the kids. It is nice to see how things work in my girl's classrooms.

More positive stuff? Couch to 5K. I have started (trying) to jog 3-4 times a week. It has proven to be quite a challenge for my skinny-but-totally-not in-shape-body. I give myself some credit, I am toned. I came to grips with the fact that yoga for 5 years has taught me lots about breathing and helped build strong lean muscles but I have to get this heart beating faster! The Couch To 5K walking running program is doing that. Initially I adored the post endorphin rush when I arrived home from a jog. That has faded, but I am still liking getting into shape. It's good for the brains, the heart and the soul. Just like yoga. Oh, and of course I am still doing my Yoga Zone routines in my living room 5x a week. That is for sure.
Hand stamped Hemp Tied Bracelet by Mindy Kuen on Etsy

So to give props to this jogging routine and the positives it has offered me? Well for the runners that have been at it for a time there are certainly absolutely adorable things on Etsy! For someone that has completed a marathon this necklace would be a nice surprise!
Love to Run Marathons necklace by Winterberry's Jewelry Shop on Etsy

And how about a half? This key chain would be perfect.
Half Marathon Stamped Keyring by Emilina Ballerina's shop on Etsy

And for lil me that can successfully run for 90 seconds (in a row!) This inspiring tee may be more appropriate.
Run Forest Run Tee by Jam Jam tees on Etsy
I wish you many positive Moments to run to with gusto,
arms outstretched my friends. Take good Care.


Stratoz said...

I hope the running is going well. I used to do a bunch of bicycling, these days I tend to walk.

Jen said...

thanks for commenting:) I have really been ignoring my blog lately. I am not positive Running is going to be for me, but some walk/jogging is perfect for now:)