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Friday, September 3, 2010

Positive Moments 9-3-10

Today was busy for me. It was one of those physically exhausting days where you feel like you accomplished tons, so, to me today was a win. Part of my "to do" list included dusting and cleaning my downstairs. I had noticed about two weeks ago large spider webs had been constructed and decided it was time for dusting.

Today's Moment. I was dusting, oh yea, by the way, I dust with the vacuum. I use the brush attachment and suck the dust up. I was taught this by my estranged (demented) Egg donor (Mother, though I'd rather NOT call her such because she does not deserve the word.) Anyhow she was NUTS (literally) about cleaning. She would lean forward holding the vacuum tube to her ear while cleaning making sure the vacuum was sucking up dirt. I totally don't do that. The woman (I am not even sure she gets that name) that grew me would probably think my home is not clean enough. I kinda like knowing that.

I digress...So, duster brush attachment to suck up dust. It's good for allergenic folk like my kids & husband. I mean, really, a feather duster just sweeps the dust up into the air and it will fall back down soon enough. A spray with a rag is just nasty chemically yuck for me. so I vacuum it.

Positive Moment: I am dusting my foyer wall of picture frames. Every photo is family, Some are collage frames, some are single frames. I was, of course taking a moment with each frame. Cleaning the dust off making each photo clearer to sight. I started to get a bit misty-eyed. Sigh. My girls are growing up so fast. Baby pictures, toddler days, preschool, and so on. It was a happy-sad moment and I'll call it positive (wink).

Tuesday they are both off to school. For the first year, both of them will be there the full day. This milestone has filled me with all sorts of emotions, plans, fear, remorse, happiness...and on and on.

So for today I chose a frame. You need family pictures from all times hanging everywhere too! I swear it is the most complimented 'thing' in my house. Visitors always make note of my abundance of photos hanging, and how they love it.

I loved this frame, actually I love a TON of stuff in Love Tsp Vintage shop on Etsy. 
Enjoy taking a gander through this awesome shop! If you are crafty, you won't be able to resist putting some great art, fabric, poetry into some of her frames or other wall adornments.

I wish you many positive moments my friend. take good care.


Stratoz said...

loving your positive moments. They do surround us if we keep our eyes open. My mom was a bit of an avid cleaner too, so she is disappointed in me that way, but I do believe she is proud of me in other ways ;')

Jen said...

thanks for stopping by:) I am glad you enjoy the moments!