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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Take a Positive Moment -4

Thanks to Silver Wren on Etsy  for this beautiful necklace. My sister and I often call each other Ma Soeur so I knew this would be the perfect handmade item to add to my positive moments shrine.

My sister. This evening we will eat Vietnamese spring rolls my dear husband will carefully roll and (really ugly) cherry pie I made for her birthday. We will give her a present and then the kids will toss around tissue and wrapping paper and squeal with delight. I know it. Her husband is another August day of birth so all this is for him too. The tissue paper will be from his present.  He too, is a great dude.

Knowing she's coming over and realizing I did not pick out a nice meaningful-brought-tears-to-my-eyes-at-the -card-store card, I was rolling over in my head how special she is to me. I don't tell her enough, and she puts up with some of the worst of my crap I am sure. I gotta tell you though. Today's moment is dedicated to what I rolled about in my brains about this girl. I am lucky to have a sister that is my closest girlfriend.

Without my little sister I am not quite sure how I'd have turned out. As a kid She was there for me to hang out with, laugh with, pick on, mother. I learned a great deal from her feisty back punching moments, her tears, her laughter. I learned how to compromise (a little...) how to share. I learned that Metallica posters DO mesh just fine with New Kids On The Block Posters on a bedroom wall.

As we grow older I watched my little sister become a wonderful mother, wife, human. She's compassionate, kind, nurturing, hilarious, stubborn, creative. I am proud to have her share some birthday moments with my family tonight. I love her dearly, and will always hold her close to my soul.

*side note her actual birthday is the 24th. You didn't miss it yet!

I wish you many positive moments my friend. take good care.


andrea said...

aw, thank you ma souer. I don't know what I'd do without you either!

Alicia said...

What a sweet sweet moment. You are so lucky to have a sister that you're so close to.