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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome to my Bedroom

When we bought this 120+ year old home in 1999 the bedroom walls were white and the carpet, very worn and tan. A clean slate. A few years before baby #1 we painted our room a nice calming shade of green/blue. I wanted something soothing and calm. The color inspiration came from the wall art, Alphonse Mucha prints.

The nasty carpet stayed. and stayed. It became so much more worn. As you can see, gross.

We finally decided to rip it out and put in whitewash laminate flooring. What a difference it made. That spa-esque bedroom wall color has been amped up with some serious ohm with this floor. I really adore how it looks.

Bonuses; photo shooting my Peachy Tuesday stuff will be so wonderful on this white floor. I took this picture of Ava and I lying on the bright Ikea Tundra laminate planks this afternoon.

And we can sock "ice" skate in here! Who does not love that?! wheeee!

In a few days this same flooring will be in Ava's bedroom. Eventually I'd like it in my entire 2nd floor! Keith, don't fret we will hire someone.

Over the past week my Etsy shop has suffered a bit of neglect, but she'll benefit in the long run. A calm, crisp, comfortable home with less pollen and lots of brightness will only turn out to be a positive for her. In many ways. I promise.

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