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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Play doh Storage Tip

Busy Moms like myself have to stay organized. We have to pre-plan out how our day is going to fall into place. We must strategically accomplish an abundance of things to to keep our job security as CEO of household. Okay, yea, true, no chance my wonderful husband is firing me, he knows full well there is NO way he could begin to handle it all, but metaphorically, to keep our own mental job security, if you will.

One thing I try and plan in my head is how to keep the kids busy if I need to get some Etsy stuff done, or house stuff, whatever needs doing that requires little interruption. For us one of the things my girls will go to town with is Play Doh. Listen, as a kid the colorful dough was totally banned from my house, It always bummed me out, so I always knew I wanted a large open stock of it for my own kids. So we do. And my girls love it.

But the darn stuff does dry out, even when lidded properly. So. I have tip for you, to make it last longer

It's totally quick too, so no worries. Make sure you put it in a nice ball. Let the kids collect all of the color, but make it be your Momma/Daddio hands be the ones molding that rainbow clay back into a crackless blob.

Next? use one of the multitude of medicine droppers any parent owns, fill it up with water, put 3 drips in a normal size container, two for medium, one drip for the party pack size container. Drop your blob in, DO NOT PRESS DOWN DOUGH. affix lid, allow lid to press down doh as it needs to close.

I tell you, it works. Just don't use too much water, only the drips as mentioned above, or it will be slimy on the bottom. If you are overzealous and this occurs, no biggie just knead the slimy part through and you'll be good to go again.

So there you have it. We have had some of the same play doh colors for (literally)5 years. I admit we also have tossed some, but overall this helps save you from tossing a lot more.

Have fun digging out doh from under the finger nails! & Have a Peachy Day!

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