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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Formspring Me

OK so since the beginnings of Jen, on email I have always been 100% dorky over those questionnaire thingys people send out, you copy paste, answer yourself, send back, forward on. You know. You may be annoyed by such things. But I LIKE knowing what kind of ice cream you love most of all. I admit I don't care what you are wearing, and I know about half of each of the question emails are ridiculous junk but there are always at least two questions answered that make me smile/ponder/wonder. And that, in my book is a WIN.

I also must add, my first letter to Keith at the very beginnings of our long distance relationship was 100 questions. He answered, and asked me 100 back. I was HOOKED. IN. L♥VE Well, that and he left poetry on my answering machine, which I still have a cassette tape of and have nearly memorized...

Fast forward-social networking. First MySpace eventually I eliminated MySpace was since it got all low class/ flashy headache inducing. Onto Facebook. When I first joined it was the 'era' when everyone was filling out “25 randoms things about me”. Remember?

Oh. My. Golly. I ADORED this!! I say those lists of 25's I read about my friends were my most favorite thing on Facebook as of yet. This adoration comes from my dorky love of the email questionnaires way back when.

I admit It took me like a month to type up 25 things but I enjoyed it, yammering about myself, self indulgence, who cares? We all need some. If some good happies can be drawn from typing out a list of stuff about you and making it public, psh. That's perfect.

And most importantly I knew how much I loved learning these little bits about people that would probably never have come up in conversation. The little bits that make each of them unique. The yummiest bits.

So, last weekend during a nearly asleep moment at like midnight I was on a crafter's blog, I will be a very bad novice blogger here and not link to her, sadly, because I, for the life of me, cannot find which blogger it was...Anyway this gal had joined and I was really intrigued. It sent my fancies right back to email questionnaires, and I had to join too. I needed some yummy bits.

Formspring Me

So here's what you do, join, and follow people (like twitter), and ask a question, maybe people will ask you a question, and you answer these queries. It's NOT a time suck to set up. 5 min tops. it's quick, it's fun, you can link it right to your Facebook and see which Facebook friends are on it.

Oh, and Just an FYI, You can ask people stuff anonymously too, if you feel all shy about admitting your questionnaire love dorkiness like me.

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