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Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Photo A Day Challenge

I have seen many-a-photo challenge pass me by...Now that I've got an iphone I have no excuse not to do one. It's seriously fun. You should try it! Here is my first Photo A Day Challenge. I took a quick screen shot of it on my phone so I have my list of what each day's challenge is. Day one was
My View:
My View at 10:00pm last night, the huz geeking on computer, me, watching Don Draper
 If you are already doing this photo challenge please share your instagram/twitter handle so I can see what you come up with. My first two were, um, well quickies..... nothing award winning in the least, but, the important part is that it's fun. Quick fun. I post all places it needs posted via instagram. (I am PeachyTuesday on there if you'd like to follow)

Today's subject was "Words". I chose this Avail CD I had been listening to in the car. Words, not just because there are some printed on the CD, but because  the lyrics on this, hell, ALL Avail CDs are the best. They uplift, they Promote, They throw positivity all around you and then they scream it in your face (in a good way). I need those kinda words right about now! And, here they were...
Avail, 4am Friday CD upon my jeans in the car.
I encourage you to try it out too. Avail, and a photo a day challenge...Most definitely if you have a phone that takes & posts pictures with a few clicks. It takes a miniscule bit of time and you are doing a fun little project for yourself. It made me feel like I accomplished something semi-creative today, despite having a mostly awful day.

meh, I'll take any excuse to take a picture.

Have a Peachy Evening!

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