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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Half Assed Tutorial: How to make old Jeans/Cords low-rise

Listen, so we are currently trying to sell our house. This means I have to get rid of many pack-ratted items. can also mean, if I get creative about how to "store" these items I can keep them. So, I had been storing some Old Navy Cords circa 2000? I know they were pre-kids...any which way...I knew I'd want them again someday, so I kept reoganizing these babes into different hiding spots. Most recently I moved them to the foot of my make room for some fabric I had won in a raffle?! See here to read more about what an awesome thing The Fabric Shopper did to make this Holiday super for a whole bunch of folks, such a crafty way...

back to my sitch. Ok, so moving hoarded corduroys to make room for raffle-won fabric. Moved to bed. Husband was inquiring in that way he does that makes me know he thinks I should donate/throw out whatever item he is inquiring about...and reclaim the place/space it is taking. I threw them in my closet but decided today (only two days later) to make them fit me again, in a way that will be more circa 2009...or maybe 2011...but probably not quite.

I think they are slightly low rise, you know when they first came out with them. So I think to make this half assed version of making your older pants into low rise you'll probably need Non-Mom jeans to begin with...and certainly NO. FREAKING. PLEATS. if you have those either you are WAY to cool to be reading this, and probably also wear ugly sweaters and math teacher glasses to be all ironic and stuff. OR you are just, well, I don't want to hurt your feeling but please stop wearing pleats they are just awful.

So here's what I did to make my half-assed version of low rise out of some cords. OH~! almost forgot...I ruined two pair with failed attempts first, to find this half assed version. If you really want a decent re-do and you are talented when it comes to sewing clothing and you HAVE patience (I do not) then google it because some *true* fashionista revisionistas have done this successfully and probably much more beautifully.

Step ONE: find jeans or cords that will sit on your hips even with their LONG zipper and so forth.

Step Two: turn them inside out, and line up the inseam with a desirable pair of jeans that you currently love the rise in.
Step THREE: BASTE stitch by hand along the excess from the pair you are fixing so it matches up to your desirable pair. try them on with just the basted stitch, to be sure you like how they look.
Note: this lining up, you will find the excess does not run the entire length of your pants, if it does I'd just manually taper it out. You should only be sewing about 5-6" of this inseam. a very thin triangle.

Step FOUR: Machine Sew along your basted stitch. Cut excess and voila there you have your low rise pants.

Note: The reason I termed this "half assed" (besides the obvious) The stitches basically are under your ass, halfway, so unless you are bending over like, with straight legs, touching your toes no one should notice this was done using Peachy Tuesday's Half-Assery. And man oh man do I love that tern btw.

Happy sewing:) Have a Peachy Day!


Blackjaw said...
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Blackjaw said...

Is this why you inquired about the Alkaline Trio song? Nice job, even if 2 cords had to be sacrificed.

Aninaj Omnipotens said...

Love this. It's so simple, can't wait to start converting my old jeans! Thanks for the awesome tutorial :D