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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dumpy Dress to Comfy Tunic Re-purpose

Well, this wasn't going to be a Tutorial, or a post, but hell, I suppose I am on a roll this week (be ready for another 6 month hiatus most likely) so may as well post this too. So this dress, it's from Target, I think I loved it at first, but do remember a many Christmases ago 2007 to be exact (only have the date b/c of my Flickr page is chronologic), I saw a picture of myself IN it and was like, Gah! what a frumpity dumpy looking mess I appeared (ok, was) (in my defense I had a wicked migraine that Christmas, hence the awful look on my face) think

Then there is every inspirational Pinterest. I found this doily pocket idea there, and was thinking, gee that'd be freaking easy... and  super cute! so...I decided to roll down to Burning Bridge last week here in Columbia, to buy some doilies and get moving on hopes to wear it to some holiday engagement this year.

Ok in all honesty I was thinking I'd like this to still be a dress, but whoops! I cut too much off for that when you factor in the darned hem. Realized that after trying it on post-hem. I'd be WAY more likely to wear it as a tunic anyway.

I chopped the frumpy frock off, hemmed it 1/2". Ironed it.

image sort of looks a bit creepy. also, nice socks;)

Cut a doily in half to make two circles for two identical pockets. (as usual my half assery butt has no image of this step)

Then I parked myself afront the television, with my pink snuggie on and hand stitched the pockets on here, while folding down the raw edge at the top of the doilies. I wore it the next day to Christmas at My Father's home. Got compliments...and I may have a donation of more doilies coming. What that could mean for any Peachy Tuesday fans? can only guess.

Have a Peachy Day!

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