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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Positive Moments 9-7-10

So today's post will be short, but it's a goody. I had a long day, but drivingI caught a glance at something that I had to share. As always, certainly, there were positive moments galore but this one kinda seemed more interesting than my yougest daughter's Kindergarten orientation, or the great pride I feel about my very sensitive second grader not crying a single tear on her first day of school this year. This moment is a little less heady.

This one moment always makes me smile, I've seen it countless times before, as I did today...... some old guy, retired (most likely), totally  blissfully driving some completely restored old car. Classic, Antique, whatever you call it. It's a car, It's old, It's from  long before they added plastic to any body, it's shiny, it's got chrome, it's loud (probably?). This old dude looks like he is seriously in heaven. Happens all the time. You know he has spent countless hours (avoiding his nagging wife?) hiding out in his (detatched?) garage fixing this auto up. It's probably taken half his adult life. Now he's got white hair, dentures to match, he's old, retired, and he is leisurely driving this vehicle down 462, purple plates and all. I see him and it totally makes me smile. I love the beam on his face. It exudes positively happy. It's hard work paid off. It's, just awesome.


So to give a shout out to your Grandpap, Dad, Husband, Mom (let us NOT be sexist!) here is a Pontiac GTO wall graphic. Hey did I mention I also friggin' love Muscle Cars? I know absolutely nothing about them, but-- hubba hubba-- I drool at how they look! This Graphic was created by Pillbox Designs On Etsy. They make an array of wall graphics, so if cars are not your thing they still may have something you'd like.

I wish you many positive moments Take good care.


Stratoz said...

love classic cars myself, though my Honda Fit is far from a muscle car. saw at Twitter that your daughter has been having a hard time of it... so sending her some hope and peace and a bit of joy.

Jen said...

I drive a civic. I love eco friendly cars. I mean what mother of two school aged children drives a Honda civic? How do you like your Fit? I'd love one if they were juuuuust a little bigger. I really wish Honda would come out with a nice looking Civic wagon like back in early 90's. alas, mine is juuuust fine. I'll continue to drool at other's muscle cars for now too.

Jen said...

and I thank you for the kind words about my lil girl's transition. so hard to see them sad:( She'll get through it. until then lots of extra hugs.

Stratoz said...

Jen--- we love the Fit, but don't have cherubs to transport. We can fit our whole craft show set up into it. Hugs are good.