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Friday, August 27, 2010

Positive Moments 8-27-10

Punk Pink Dog Collar
Today We made a trip to the pet store to add a litter box to our household. We met an awesome Bulldog whose name, of course escapes me. I went bonkers over this bully. He was so cute. My girls were also enamoured by his blubbery slobbery cuteness. When my family sees a Bully we instantly smile, wide. See, we used to have a Bully. His name was Murphy. He was also. so. cute. He had a host of health problems that cost us a small fortune, but it was all worth it. I still think about that darn dog. The day Keith and I took him to be adopted by a family with a 7 year old boy was extremely painful. Ruby was very allergic to him. She broke out in full body hives from the teeniest bit of his spit touching her. sigh. I still remember her laughing at that dog from her play blanket on the floor. I remember how gentle he was with her (before we knew it was he causing her health troubles) Hey, no dog is perfect, his health problems were atrocious, he also had his jerk moments. He insisted on ripping apart and eating foam from every bed we bought him. He just could not resist.

Kinda like how I cannot resist the cuteness of a bully when I see one. I do believe there is a sort of silent club you belong to once you own an English Bulldog. I mean you have to be pretty dedicated to want to purchase a very high priced dog with the shortest life expectancy that requires BUTT WIPING. yes, folks you need to wipe them after they poop. The shape of their bodies does not allow for them to do this on their own. Anyway there's this understanding when I see another Bulldog owner that I think you may not get with every breed.

so today let me celebrate Bulldogs. The slobber, the wrinkles, the butt wiping, the UTTER-FREAKING- ADORABLE-NESS. Giving that dog my cutesy baby talk voice, getting down on his level, watching my girls pet him and smile. Good Positive Moment to hold onto.

I wish there had been an Etsy back when I had a dog...He'd have had this for sure! Loki Puppy Leather Dog Collar and Leash Set is So cool I can barely contain myself! The Cool Puppy on Etsy sells a variety of pet collars and leashes, see more here

 I wish you many positive moments my friend. take good care.

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