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Friday, June 18, 2010

Fears and Talking to Myself

silent ongoing conversation within self today

me: Bah. So What are you so afraid of?

also me: I don't know, I guess I am just nuts

me: Probably that wacko nightmare last night, don't worry about it, you worked 7 years in Retail this craft show will be like old hat.

also me: but what if someone tries to haggle my prices down?

me: you politely decline

also me: I hope it storms and we get to just leave early and let it be a bust and I can blame it on the weather.

me: that's the spirit. way to be positive, Jen.

also me: I don't think I want to do craft shows.

me: you will get through this one and feel really foolish being so worried about nothing all day like this

also me: I'm not going to sell anything. I just know no one is going to like my stuff.

me: you know people like your stuff. If you don't do well in Lancaster, it won't be a big surprise, but you'll try another venue next time.

also me: Next time?! if It is a bust I will be so ruined. I'll just close up shop and give up.

THIS is why I have had an Etsy shop for over a year, and have not attempted to sell my stuff anywhere on consignment and have thought of an excuse as to why I cannot do this craft show or that one...over and over.

So, last night one of my daughter's peed on the floor. No one would fess up. It drove me nuts for several hours last night...sleuthing the pee situation, trying to detective my way to know which one did it...I could care less about the actual pee, it took minutes to clean up, but the fact that neither of them would say they did it just bugs me so much

So I decided I'll go ahead and publicly fess up.
NO! I did not pee on the floor!
...but Am I any different? I mean, by not being honest with myself.
Tomorrow is my first craft show. I am having internal battles pretty much driven, no 100% driven by insecurity.
I have have made Hair accessories for a long time, well over a year. I am finally getting out of my house and going to display them publicly. Bout time! I have all intentions of sending a box of items to the Hodge Podgery next week after I see how much I sell at this show
(also me: if anything...)

So does every crafter/artist/maker have internal battles all the time? If you do, I'd love you to confess im my comments. If you don't why don't you take the opportunity to tell me what a goof I am being?
Also, if you know which kid peed on the floor DO TELL!
....I joke. I am honestly over that....


PrettyCoolShops said...

I am 1 million percent right there with you.... and I have zero advice! ha, what a sucky comment, right?!
I am terrified at craft shows, every person who walks by my spot without slowing breaks my heart a teeny tiny bit { yeah, melodramatic, I know.... but I'm just being honest}
I "make" my 14 year old son stay with me the whole time { he's actually still very helpful and not too teenager-y, so far} to help answer questions and smile at people etc. Having a "buddy" helps a LOT, so if you don't have one already, make somebody go with you!

I have not had much success with sales, but I think that is mainly due to not being in the right "market place" as it were.... at a show last summer my son and I counted comments about my items vs. comments about my tattoos. Tattoos won by a landslide.... and I had 2 whole sales....

It's all good, though. I don't know if I'd go so far as to say I have *fun*, but it usually ends up being pretty cool { no pun intended} and even if I never make bank, we usually meet some nice folks, and eat fair type junk food 8^}
{ I have a church flea market tomorrow, and I am trying to be optimistic.... trying veeerrrryyyy hard....}

You go girl! Rock it! It'll be....something like fun! i promise 8^}

Anonymous said...

i think we all have these inner battles!!! no i don't think you are alone in this kind of a conversation. the exciting thing is that you are going to the craft show in spite of what you tell yourself. i think that is a huge step! but i can so relate to your struggle. i just recently did an art hop, which was kind of like an art/ craft show. and i was freaking out too.

i can't wait to hear how everything goes tomorrow jen!

Amg-Arts said...

I know the feeling, a couple of months back I took the leap and did my first craft fair and actually did ok, I have now done my third one on sunday and they are good fun mostly because all the other stall owners are so lovely! and hearing good words spoke about your work is a bonus too.... and theres no better way to find out what needs improving than sicking it out for the public to see, and just learn from their comments. at the moment if I dont make a lot of cash I put it down to a learning experience Im still only new to the craft fair but so far things are going ok :) oh bar one rude lady at my first fair the first to approach me and said dont get excited im only here to look and copy your stuff! ...I was too speechless to say anything back! and thats a first!

Jen said...

thanks so much for commenting:) I agree it is really fun to meet other crafters/makers/artists in person! This weekend I'll be setting up for #2 and I am a lot less nervous.