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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ava likes Yoga

I do yoga 5 days a week (at least). It has literally changed my life.

March 24, 2009 I wrote: (in a facebook note)

"breathing in and out through your nose" ..."the breathing is what will make you feel so good" My sister had told me for years that yoga is awesome. It took me way too long to try it. I literally had 2 yoga DVDs for 3 years, never even put into the player. There was never a time in my life that I have been physically fit. I am tall and skinny have a ridiculously high metabolism. I eat healthy, but indulge in ice cream quite frequently. I will be one of those folks that kicks it from a heart attack even though I have low cholestorol and almost too low blood pressure. I stress-- I eat, live, breathe stress. I am a huge ball of stress, or was... Fall 2006 decided it was time I try the yoga DVDs. After 4 months of very easy yoga DVDs that claim to be challenging (believe me they aren't-- If I can handle it) I was addicted. I attribute a good portion of why I am still sane, to Yoga. I have to say that Yoga has taught me such an important thing, the first "step" in fighting this stress I inflict on my own body---How to Breathe---. I only wish I would have discovered such a simple component to stress relief prior to having 2 children laboring through 30+ hours of back labor! Nonetheless, I now am addicted to my nearly daily dose of 40 minutes of yoga each afternoon while 1 kid is at school the other is having “quiet time”. A few years ago I purchased somewhat more challenging but still pretty easy yoga DVDs. The way in which yoga has improved my balance and posture is amazing. I still get a neck kink from time to time (today still have a slight one) but I used to have daily constant neck PAIN. A huge part of my love for this famous, ancient, artful exercise is that It's a totally solitary thing. No sweaty stinky gyms, no unleashed dogs to chase me, just a small area is needed, and a mat, I would welcome an empty white sand beach too.... I long for that... Someday.

Ava asked to do yoga with me this past Tuesday. I need to also go it alone, to attain the real effect of the stress relief, but I told her every other day she could yoga with me. I didn't want to push her into it though so I let it at that.

Today she asked me if she could do yoga with me again. So we did. She did so well. and she looks so darn cute;)

Seeing my youngest enjoying this ancient, oldest in existance actually, form of exercise is really super in my book. It made me smile so many times the past couple days.

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