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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Music that gets my Creativity Flowing

Tara at Scoutie Girl is asking everyone What Music gets your creative juices flowing? I initially didn't think I had the time to post about this...but I just had to...too fun!

I often listen to my (obsessively so) Favorite, Interpol. I dance around whilst working ALL the time. normally with headphones which is a delight for my husband, who is normally playing a PC game at the time. (love that geeky guy...) I rock out some very cool headbands to some of these Tunes.

Paul Banks voice is reminiscent of Ian Curtis’s voice but the music is more upbeat than Joy Division was, in my opinion…I personally just think there is no band like them. I am very excited to see them live right here in Lancaster at the Chameleon in July.

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