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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thank You To Tweedle Dee Designs

This Monday Morning was a wicked one in my household. I honestly just typed househole, which may have been nearly appropriate to describe that morning. I will spare you the details because it all started turning around when I opened my email to read a sweet little note from Brandi at Tweedle Dee Designs. She let me know she had found my Etsy shop on the Flickr "Etsy - Look and Learn" Group and wanted to let me know that she had made Peachy Tuesday one of the Shops of the Week at Tweedle Dee Designs. That made me ever so happy! And turned my househole back into a normal house again.

So here I am to the right of her adorable crafting blog that is totally worth checking out on a regular basis, for everything from free printables to beautiful party ideas, and everything in between.

A big thank you to Brandi for noticing my shop and for making it a shop of the week on her blog. Most of all Thanks for making my Monday a lot smiley-er.

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